Hello! I’m Matthew (He/Him)

I’m a big nerd, FOSS enthusiast & australian developer living on Wangal/Gadigal Land of the Eora Nation (Sydney).

What I do for work

I work as a software engineer, building pipelines that transform electronic medical records into useable data, & extract valuable information from messy, underutilized datasets.

In this domain I get to work with R, & my primary tools & expertises are data-pipelining, literate programming, & designing workflows & tools that ease the gap between big, complex pipelines, & the people who need their insights.

Hours buried deep in ssh sessions in HPC systems running ancient distros, massaging builds to work with old kernels, libraries & quirky environments fostered a deep love for the terminal, and you can find the dotfiles I use to make my terminals feel like home pinned.

I feel most alive at work when I’m bringing information that previously needed a 5 step process via 4 different tools to access directly to the tired developer/analyst/user who’d been wishing there was a better way to find this thing (because so often that person is me!)

For fun, I love it when I’ve found a FOSS project that’s so useful to me, but there’s just one tiny thing I wish it could do better- So I get to clone it, setup its’ dev env, & then make it do that one tiny thing.